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New Script for Shopzilla UK Publisher Program API Released!

Developers have released a new version of the script that supports Shopzilla UK API.

 Full Demo version you can see from the address


November 9, 2010 Posted by |, Shopzilla API, Shopzilla DE API, Shopzilla FR API, Shopzilla UK API | 1 Comment release new version of Shopzilla API publisher script

What’s new:

1.New Directory Page include

Top Departments / Featured Products / Popular Brands.

You can edit the ‘Top Departments’ module’s content via the Control Panel



2.Control Panel New Features:

– Do not allow to include the non-monetized listings (biddedOnly)

Use discretion on whether or not to include the non-monetized listings on your site. Shopzilla include these extra offers because some publishers like to have more extensive product offerings even if they won’t generate earnings on these clicks.

Allow to remap incoming urls (url rewrite)

Search Engine Friendly URLs for example: OLD URL type ~/m~b-402~c-Digital-Cameras.aspx — New URL type /Digital-Cameras.htm

-Open a new window when user click on ‘Go to Store’ button

-Minimize product description for single product pages

Check this box if you want to make the product description on the single product pages more shorter and add an expand link for view all text of the description.


eBay Ads page settings

Use this page to customize an additional site page placed along with the single product page (the page with product prices list) which contained eBay listing for product.


1. Show eBay offers page

Check this box if you want to show eBay offers page along with single product page.

2. Provider

Not an affiliate? Join now – Mediaplex ( or eBay Partner Network (

3. Tracking ID

If you choose eBay Parnter Network as your tracking provider associated with the eBay affiliate program,your Tracking ID is your Campaign ID. If you choose Mediaplex as your tracking provider, please contact your eBay account manager to obtain your Tracking ID.

4. Custom ID

You may enter up to 256 alpha-numeric characters as your Custom ID (e.g., U2 DVD 1, Harry Potter) which can be used in ePN transaction download reporting.

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What’s new in new version Shopzilla API affiliate site script?

What’s new:

1. Main, new version Shopzilla API script based on the NEW version Shopzilla API!

New version includes a larger number of filters: for example In the category Digital Cameras to select the results by min/max price, by Price Range, by Product Line, by Camera Type, by Resolution, by LCD Screen Size, by Stores.


2. The new control panel contains the following features:

Site General Settings:

a. Site pages extension (If you having the Windows 2008 server hosting or dedicated Windows 2003 server, than you can set another than .aspx page extension for your site pages)
b. Cache site config files (If you check this box the site engine will cache in memory site configuration files. This can improve your site responsiveness.)
c.Allow to remap incoming urls (url rewrite)
d.Use 404 response status code for ‘Page not found’ page (If you uncheck this box the 404 page will return the 200 response status code. Useful for some SEO techniques. Required a custom developed 404 page.)

– Site Appearance:

a.Default View Type For Products Page (Set here default view type for products pages: List or Grid.)
b.Logo image virtual path
c.Logo image alt/title text

d.Show Mini Logo (Uncheck this box if you do not want to show mini site logo at the very bottom of the page.)
e.Show Powered By BizRate Logo (Uncheck this box if you do not want to show Powered By BizRate logo at the very bottom of the page.)
f.Show Script By Logo (Uncheck this box if you do not want to show Script By logo at the very bottom of the page.)

– Edit pages titles and meta tags templates:

a.Title/Meta Description/Meta Keywords for home page
b.Title/Meta Description/Meta Keywords for search results pages
c.Title/Meta Description/Meta Keywords for category pages
d.Title/Meta Description/Meta Keywords for single product pages
e.Title/Meta Description/Meta Keywords for merchant info pages

– Right Panel Ads (Check the checkbox below if you want to show ads on the right side of a page.)

Paste your ads code in the box below. This code will be added to each site page except the admin area pages.

– Edit a Tracking Code
Use this page to add a tracking code like Google Analytics.

– Edit DataFeed Cache Settings (Use this page to set time values for Data Feed xml cache)

a.Cache Api Response (If you check this checkbox than site engine will save on disk the downloaded from APIs xml. This can significantly improve your site performance. But be sure that your hosting server has enough disk space for this option (more than 250 Mb).)
b.Cache Time For Products Request (min) (Set here how long you want to keep downloaded Products Request xml in cache before update it(in minutes: 1440 min = 24 hours). The Products data is changed frequently, so do not use a value more than two days (2880 min).)
c.Cache Time For Taxonomy Request (min) (Set here how long you want to keep downloaded Taxonomy xml in cache before update it(in minutes: 1440 min = 24 hours). Taxonomy data do not change frequently, so you can set a greater value for it, like 43200 min (~ one month).)
d.Cache Time For Merchant Info Request (min) (Set here how long you want to keep downloaded Merchant Info xml in cache before update it (in minutes: 1440 min = 24 hours).)

– Manage Admin Accounts (Use this page to add or delete admin accounts.)

– Edit Security Settings

a.Auth Cookie Name (If you have only one Web-based application on your server, then .ASPXAUTH is a perfectly secure choice for the cookie name. In fact, any choice would be secure. But, when your server runs multiple ASP.NET Web-based applications, it becomes critical to assign a unique authentication cookie name to each application. If the names are not unique, then users logging into any of the Web-based applications might inadvertently gain access to all of them. For example, a user logging into the online shopping site to view his order history might find that he is now able to access the administration application on the same site and change the prices of the items in his shopping cart.)
b.AuthTimeOut (Authentication timeout value has changed to be 30 minutes by default. This means that after 30 minutes of inactivity, a user will be prompted to login again (note: everytime they hit the site the 30 minute window clock gets reset — so it is only if they are idle that it will timeout). If you want to change the timeout value to be longer, you can easily change the timeout value the timeout value is in minutes).)
c.LoginPage (A login page url. Please do not change it if you don’t have developed your own login page)
d.ReturnUrlAfterLogin (After the user has been authenticated, the user is redirected to the earlier requested page. But if he comes to the login page as first page of the your site, set here to what page he should be redirected after logon.)
e.Return Url after Logout (Specify here a URL to redirect user to a web page after logging out from admin area. You can use this variable to return user to an initial login page.)

– Edit Top Tabs Navigation Menu
(This page allows you easily edit the top tabs navigation menu that you can see on every page of the your site.)

– Google Site Map Settings
(Use this page to edit Google site map settings. See result xml at sitemap.aspx page.)

– Edit Featured Products Menu
(This page allows you easily edit the ‘Featured Products’ module’s content on the default page)

– Edit Brands Menu
This page allows you easily edit the ‘Shop by Brand’ module’s content on the default page.

– Edit Products Menu
This page allows you easily edit the ‘Products’ module’s content on the default page (module below Brands).

– Edit Shopping Categories Menu
This page allows you easily edit the shopping categories on the default page.

– Site Visitors FeedBack
use links on the right for navigate through months.

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Script for create site for affiliate program offer you a complete and fully functional price comparison website based on API.

  • Simple to install – requires changes to only a few lines of code
  • You get web solution with 44,753,870 of products and offers from 119,005 of merchants
  • Pay Per Click Model.
  • You keep 100% of any commission
  • Search Engine Friendly, fully customizable. You can create own skin using our template
  • No database required
  • ShopZilla Publishers API DEMO Site

    ShopZilla Publishers API DEMO Site

    Live Demo

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    DEMO ShopZilla partner site script

    How do Publishers make money?

    In order to help Publishers understand how our program works, we have illustrated the steps involved in generating earnings

    1.You upload Shopzilla Publisher Program script on your webhosting. A visitor comes to your website, sees a product they would like to compare pDEMO ShopZilla partner site scriptrices on.
    2.Once they decide which product suits them best, they click on a link that takes them through to the website of the Merchant selling that product.
    3.The Merchant pays Shopzilla for valid, CPC-monetized leads and celebrates the sale of a product from the quality traffic you, the Publisher, sent to their website.
    4.Shopzilla shares the revenue generated from this quality traffic with you, the Publisher.* Now YOU celebrate!


     DEMO ShopZilla partner site script

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